Foot And Ankle Care

At Midwest Orthopedic Specialists, we treat patients of all ages for a variety of foot and ankle conditions including:

  • Achilles tendon
  • Bone spurs
  • Broken toes, feet, and ankles
  • Neuroma
  • Deformities and bunions
  • Tendon injuries

Our Foot and Ankle Services

Achilles Tendon

  • We provide non-surgical and surgical services for Achilles tendon. Conservative treatment includes modifying your daily activities, anti-inflammatory medications, corticosteroid injections, custom orthotics, or physical therapy.
  • If surgery is necessary, it involves the surgeon making an incision in the back of your lower leg and stitching the torn tendon together.

Bone Spurs

  • Non-surgical treatment options for bone spurs include, NSAIDS, supportive shoes or inserts, rest, and icing.
  • If surgery is necessary, this involves making a small skin incision and a tiny power rasp, or special file, is inserted to smooth the bone. After surgery your foot will be bandaged, but you can walk on it right away.

Broken Toes, Feet, and Ankles

  • Conservative treatment of fractures in the feet, ankle and toes consists of rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE). Depending on the severity of the fracture, bracing or casting may be necessary to stabilize the fracture.
  • Surgical treatment of fractures in the feet, ankle and toes may consist of making an incision at the fracture sight and using wires, pins, plates, or screws to repair the fracture.

Morton’s Neuroma

  • Non-surgical treatment options of neuromas include arch supports, foot pads and appropriate footwear to help reduce pressure on the nerve. Steroid injections into painful areas are also effective.
  • If necessary surgical treatment is an option. In some cases, surgeons can relieve the pressure on the nerve by cutting nearby structures, such as the ligament that binds together some of the bones in the front of the foot. Also, surgical removal of the growth may be necessary if other treatments fail to provide pain relief.

Deformities and Bunions

  • Conservative treatment of bunions or deformities include proper footwear, padding or shoe inserts, over-the-counter medications and applying ice.
  • Surgery to correct bunions involve repositioning the big toe to relieve pain and improve function. It generally takes approximately 6 weeks for the bone to fully mend, therefore you will be non-weight bearing for several weeks after surgery.

Tendon Injuries

  • Non-surgical treatment options for foot and ankle tendon injuries include, activity modification, anti-inflammatory medication, corticosteroid injections, custom bracing or orthotics and physical therapy.
  • Tendon repair surgery involves making a small incision in the area above the tendon. Using specialized surgical tools, surgeons will remove any damaged tissue. A tendon may be taken from another area of the body and grafted to the damaged tendon. This works to strengthen and repair the weak tendon. After surgery, you will have a cast or boot to help protect the newly repaired tendons.

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